We see the basic role of parents like us as healers. But, contemporary American life is demanding us to become heroes.

Parenting, in simple terms, is the leading of a family through all kinds of circumstances – those that may affirm or contradict what we believe about life and ourselves.

When parents are overwhelmed by life’s circumstances, they are forced to make tough choices. For example, financial circumstances may lead parents to let go of how things are now in order to influence how things will be in the future.

This is what we call being a “hero” – someone who must sacrifice themselves for the good of everyone else.

Yes, we, too, see heroism as noble.

But, we also see heroism as a necessity born of difficult circumstances. Ideally, acts of heroism are not necessary for parents to undertake for families to thrive.

Moreover, heroism is the natural result of a belief about the family that everyone should live their own life. We see this as an overly individualistic view of the purpose of family.

Instead, we see the purpose of family as that of formation – a space for adapting our beliefs about life and ourselves.

We believe that this takes place through the act (and art) of storytelling – creating a collective sense of who we are based on how we are the same and also different from others.

Therefore, we see the primary role of parents as healers – as storytellers. And, we believe the critical skill of parenting is actually that of storytelling.

Last Updated: 4.15.2024